SDL Sasteroids

SDL Sasteroids is a rework of the original Sasteroids game by Brad Pitzel last released in 1994. It allows the original Sasteroids game to be played on modern hardware, without vgalib and older versions of gcc. Old fans of the original will find many suprises in addition to the same old game released years ago. The project may be found on sourceforge.

New features include: new true color graphics, OpenGL support, enhanced sound effects, and the ability to run under modern hardware.

Packages may be downloaded from The latest release is "v2.0.0". You may download it here

Screen Shot:
Sasteroids screenshot

Historic Links:

  • Original Posting - This is the original usenet posting for Sasteroids.
  • Early Review - Early opinions from a Linux person on Sasteroids.
  • Background Information:
    In early 1994, Linux was mostly a programmer's toy, and not much else. Sasteroids was one of the first graphical linux games to be released, that just about anyone could enjoy. (It was original released for SVGAlib on February of 1994.) At this point in time:

  • Linux International did not exist.
  • Linux was not trademarked.
  • There where no(none,zero) vendor supported Linux drivers.
  • Linux Expo had not yet started
  • KDE and GNOME did not exist
  • Slashdot was not yet born.
  • Apache had not yet had a public release.
  • This redo of sasteroids was done mainly for nostalgic reasons(in addition to it being a fairly fun game).

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